Farm Fresh Vegetables from Sartorie Farms

Although we will no longer be operating our off-site corn & vegetable trucks, we will be bringing back our veggie stand right here on the farm.

Our vegetable stand at the farm will be open Monday through Friday from 5-6:30PM.

We will also be at the Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am - Noon.

Farm Fresh Sweet Corn

Sartorie Farms grows over 14 different varieties of sweet corn. Over the past 29 years we have taken pride in being on the cutting edge of the newest and sweetest types of sweet corn to come along. Over the past several years the new synergistic varieties have shown a remarkable improvement over other types of sweet corn. These types have a very slow sugar to starch conversion after it is picked. In plain terms this means you can enjoy just picked flavor from corn that has been harvested for several days. The secret is keeping it in the husks in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy it.

We at Sartorie Farms are very proud to offer the very best sweet corn in the area. Please feel free to check our produce calendar on on the bottom of this page for ripening dates or give us a call. Visit our corn locations around Billings and feel free to chat with our knowledgeable sales staff about the variety that is currently being harvested. We bet you will be back for more!! Thanks Mike Sartorie


We are especially proud of our tomatoes. The exact variety is a bit of a secret, but we guarantee that they are the best dang salsa makin' tomatoes found anywhere on the planet. No matter what the other ingredients in your special salsa makin' recipe, you can be sure that these are the perfect tomatoes to make perfect salsa!

Still searching for that perfect salsa recipe? We think everyone should be able to enjoy fresh home-made salsa, so feel free to download our family's salsa recipe. We know you will love it. Need an even simpler solution to fresh homemade salsa? We are offering salsa makin' kits this year which come with everything you need to make perfect salsa every time. Why run all over town looking for all the makins of perfect salsa when you can get a complete salsa kit (including our special family salsa recipe) right here at Sartorie farms?

Produce Calendar

Variety Expected Availability Date
Sweet CornLate July - Late September
TomatoesMid August - Late September
CucumbersLate July - Late September
Summer SquashLate July - Late September
Hot PeppersMid August - Late September
Sweet PeppersMid August - Late September
EggplantMid August - Late September
Green BeansLate July - Late September
OnionsMid August - Late October
Fall SquashMid September - Late October
PumpkinsMid September - Late October
GourdsMid September - Late October
Mini PumpkinsMid September - Late October
Ornamental CornMid September - Late October
Straw Bales, etc.Mid September - Late October

Remember, the dates shown above are an estimate only and, based on weather conditions, could vary a bit one way or the other.

image of farm fresh vegetables from Sartorie farms